Why debate?

When medieval scholars set out to establish the curriculum of the world’s first universities, they considered three liberal arts essential for leadership and promotion of the best ideas: grammar, logic, and rhetoric (reading, thinking, speaking). Debate is the activity that brings the art of reading, thinking and speaking together in one place. When they sought to test the depth to which these skills had sunk in, medieval faculty demanded students participate not in exams or papers, but in disputations—in other words, debate.

Who should participate?

Debato is designed for teenagers of all interest, skill and ability levels. The competition is open to students enrolled in any school in India between the ages of 12-18 years.

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  • The competition is open to students between the ages of 12-18 years of age (DOB between 2001-2007).
  • Debate topic is randomly generated by our algorithm and will be sent to the communication email provided by you.
  • Please make sure you abide by the video guidelines before starting out to avoid chances of disqualification.
  • Participants have to upload their video on YouTube and paste the URL link (of the video) in the text field given in our website. Please make sure the uploaded videos are public and not private. Private videos will be disqualified immediately. Once submitted, the contestant will not have an option to change the video URL.
  • Last date for participation is 30th November 2019. Preliminary round winners will be announced on our website on the 15th December 2019. Please follow our social media pages for regular updates.