What We Do

In 2018, Dr Rakesh Godhwani, a Communications Professor (Faculty) and Researcher for the last two decades, held a summer camp for his friends’ children which focussed on helping them improve their essential life skills, including confidence and communication. Motivated by the massive success of the camp, Dr Godhwani decided to start a similar sustained initiative that helps not just children but also working professionals, entrepreneurs, and employees to improve their social skills. Thus, SoME was born.

While creating SoME’s curriculum, we decided to concentrate on helping participants become more confident, learn persuasive communication skills, and be more collaborative. However, we realised that just sticking to these three traits would not lead to a holistic mental and emotional development. We also needed to ignite their curiosity, creativity and competence; that’s how the Six Cs came into being.

SoME aims to improve our learners’ existing skillsets, enabling them to be more confident in schools and workplaces, seek answers when in doubt and increase their knowledge, work well with teammates, formulate and present their ideas to others coherently.

What is the Six C philosophy:


Curious minds do wonder, and it is our duty, as educators, parents and society to give them wings! Our unique courses are developed not only to harness the insatiable curiosity of our participants but also provide targeted age-specific programmes for everyone - teenagers, working professionals, entrepreneurs, and employees. Through our courses, we aim to create lifelong learners, with the potential to pursue any field of their choosing.


Creativity is the elixir that guarantees the endurance of the human spirit. We, at SoME, strongly believe that all of us have innate creative impulses that are often dulled by strict societal norms. Our courses help our participants to reconnect with their creative core and use the latter to solve school or workplace conflicts, create a name for themselves in their vocation, and improve their critical thinking and emotional maturity.


Learning to communicate articulately and present ideas coherently are essential hallmarks of great leadership. Our courses help do just that! Communication is a crucial aspect of our programmes and will enable you to give presentations fearlessly, put forth ideas with confidence, and use the right kind of persuasive words to get other’s attention. By the end of the course, you will become a courageous orator.


Delegating tasks to the right people, and working with those you disagree with are essential traits of a good leader and teammate. Most of school and workplace conflicts arise due to poor teamwork and lack of a collaborative effort. Our courses on collaboration will teach you to smoothen frayed nerves in your team, leading to both professional and personal success.


The art of persuasive communication, coupled with no holds barred presentation of the self, is confidence. As kids, we are confident; we don’t mind indulging in an impromptu dance or be the unapologetic versions of ourselves. But as we grow, we start dithering, constantly questioning our abilities. Our Six C philosophy aims to bring out that dormant confidence so you can present your ideas, thoughts and plans, without hesitation, to your classmates, colleagues, and friends.


The ability to efficiently oversee tasks requires competence. In today’s highly competitive world, one must be competent to take on a range of responsibilities and be able to complete them without any hassles. Today’s employer wants an employee who can not only deal with their own work but also tackle issues from other verticals. Our courses will enable you to become an efficient and celebrated multitasker.


Our Team

Meet the team that brings all our courses to life.

Rakesh Godhwani

Chairman & Founder

Simran Godhwani

Co - Founder



Reuben John

Founding Team Member

Col M K Mandanna


Abbas Shaikh

Digital Marketing

Anuja Mudur


Sudha Rajesh

Business Development & Guide

Avantika Gautam

Community Engagement

Gayatri Nair


Saranya Nandini

Instructional design

Sandya Deviah